BPR Productions

We were the FIRST

Black Planet Radio was created out of a vast love for MUSIC and the need to spread that love to as many people as possible. We strived to provide a safe  haven for all music genres, especially those that are all but overlooked by mainstream radio stations.
For over 5 years Black Planet Radio fought to create something different. A radio station that was controlled by the listeners and not by some corporate office or by advertisers. A radio station that gave every listener the opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream to broadcast his or her own show. During the past 5 & a half years literally scores of broadcasters came and went, and they all STARTED OFF AS LISTENERS.
We were the FIRST true social network radio station in Israel. We were totally non-profit and provided all our services for free. We taught all our broadcasters how to manage the broadcasting software (which we provided), made sure all shows were recorded & uploaded to the streaming servers, provided tech support, helped to promote all the shows, provided graphic design for all those who needed a logo or banner for his or her show...
All free of charge.
We were the first to collaborate with DJs and party promoters and provide a unique service - to broadcast parties directrly from the DJs station in the club to the radio - LIVE! This way all those who couldn't make it to the club  could still enjoy the music.
We did all these things simply because we LOVE music and we wanted to spread the love to as many people as possible.

Unfortunately the government and other bureaucratic entities didn't share our vision, and for the years we were active we were forced to pay vast amounts of money even though we made absolutely NO PROFIT. After 5 years of shelling out so much money without any revenue, it became impossibe to continue operating the station.

And so, with a heavy heart & tear stained cheeks, the radio went silent forever on the 29th of December, 2018.